Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Flat Rate Advertising Available On

With flat rate advertising your ad is guaranteed to be displayed on the website all month for one set fee without the worry of spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Advertisers, stop wasting money on pay per click and pay per impressions campaigns with minimal results costing you top dollar. Flat rate advertising is the way to go. has just introduced flat rate advertising on their website. Low flat rates currently start at $10 a month, and are no more than $50 a month. They accept adult ads, non-adult ads, business and personal. All ads are accepted, no ads are turned away. is a new website launched mid-May 2009, and has been doing very well. They are going against the tide with their flat rate advertising campaign and feel it will work better for them and their advertisers. They want their advertisers coming back and understand that a low flat rate advertising fee will keep them coming back for repeat business.

Not only do they care about their advertisers, they care about their visitors experience on their website as well. Two ingredients for a very successful venture for all involved. is growing rapidly and has become a very popular presence on the Internet in a very short time.

Flat rate advertising on is set low because they do not customize ads, the advertiser supplies them with the banner, picture, or JavaScript code, and they'll link it to the advertisers website. Saving the people at time, and the advertiser lots of money.

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